1. May 28,  · Björk's Biophilia Björk's whole career has been a quest for the ultimate fusion of the organic and the electronic. With her new project Biophilia Author: Michael Cragg.
  2. Για το "Hollow" η Björk εμπνεύστηκε από το DNA, ενώ στο "Virus" παρομοιάζει την αγάπη με αυτή ενός ιού για ένα κύτταρο και περιγράφει πως εισέρχεται και το καταστρέφει.Μουσικό είδος: Electronic, experimental.
  3. From start of her career, Bjork has composed, not for entertainment, not for sales, not for self promotion, but for art. Biophilia is the musical expression of the profound love of nature, science, cosmos, and its unity. For example, to sing the love of a virus for its host -- literally -- 4/5.
  4. ‘Biophilia Live’ is a concert film by Nick Fenton and Peter Strickland that captures the human element of Björk’s multi-disciplinary multimedia project: Biophilia. Recorded live at Björk’s show at London’s Alexandra Palace in , the film features Björk and her band performing every song on ‘Biophilia’ and more using a broad variety of instruments – some digital, some traditional, and some completely .
  5. Biophilia är ett av Björks mest ambitiösa musikprojekt, vars koncept började som en samling låtar om frågor kring natur, vetenskap och mänsklighetens relation till de båda. [4] Inför albumet gjorde Björk efterforskningar inom astrofysik, strängteori, neurologi, biologi Genre: Electronica, avantgarde, downtempo.
  6. Oct 13,  · Biophilia Björk's eighth full-length release may be her most ambitious yet. The nature-themed Biophilia is supported with iPad apps, a series of /
  7. Aug 14,  · Biophilia is the Icelandic singer and composer's most ambitious undertaking in a year career distinguished by continuous innovation and artistic evolution. The album title refers to a love of all living things, and in every aspect of this game-changing multi-media effort, Björk brilliantly connects nature, music, and technology.4/5().
  8. Björk – Biophilia. by Alex Young. that rapidly divides and multiplies just as a virus an intriguing addition to Björk’s catalog. In many ways, Biophilia is both the most conventional.
  9. Biophilia is the eighth studio album by Icelandic recording artist Björk. It was released on 5 October , by One Little Indian Records and distributed by Nonesuch Records in North America and.
  10. Jul 18,  · Biophilia was developed by Björk in collaboration with interactive artist and app developer Scott Snibbe, and Björk's longtime design collaborators M/M Paris. The individual apps were created by Luc Barthelet, Drew Berry, Kodama Studios, Stephen Malinowski, Scott Snibbe Studio, John Simon Jr., Touch Press, and Max Weisel.4/4().
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