1. Jul 20,  · In the song "Ma Belle Amie", the backup singer sounds like Paul McCartney. What makes this especially interesting to me, is that I am one of many people who feel that the original Paul McCartney was replaced in November by an imposter. The person singing backup in "Ma Belle Amie " sounds like Paul himself. This song was released in
  2. Song information for Ma Belle Amie - The Tee Set on AllMusic. Song information for Ma Belle Amie - The Tee Set on AllMusic Contemporary Pop/Rock (9) Pop-Soul (9) Soul (9) Add Styles. Song Moods. Various Artists. Baby Boomer Classics: Groovin' Sixties. JCI Associated Labels:
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  4. Ma Belle Amie finally reached the number three position. It was the first time ever that Dutch music had achieved this sort of success in the USA. Hans Kellerman, director of Negram, the Tee-Set's recording company, explained why: "The famous beat groups that had dominated the American hit parades for many, many years had become so experimental.
  5. Ma belle amie You were a child of the sun And the sky and the deep blue sea Ma belle amie There was a time that you thought That your only friend was me You were the answer of all my questions Before were through I want to tell you that I adore you And always do That you amaze me by leaving me now And start a-new Ma belle amie I'm in love with you.
  6. Ma Belle Amie" is a single by Tee Set off the album Ma Belle Amie. The song reached on the US Billboard Hot and in Australia and Canada in In South Africa, it was a hit. The song also reached the Top 10 across central Europe.
  7. One Hit Wonders page, all the one hit wonder songs from , Ma Belle Amie was the only top 20 song and the only song that received noticeable radio airplay for Tee Set. 6: The Rapper: 3: (A Rock Opera) was a near top 20 miss for The Assembled Multitude. The group also received some radio airplay with Woodstock.
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